What is Client Server Testing

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As per client requirement software can be designed and build in desktop application, mobile application and web based application. This article focuses on what is Client Server Testing, application, work and execution and testing approaches used.

Applications are broadly divided into two types during the designing and building for interaction:

2 Tier applications

3 Tier applications

Client server testing usually done for 2 Tier applications which is mostly developed for LAN. This application will be having front-end and back-end in the form of forms, reports and database server.
Forms & reports at front-end for monitoring, manipulations and fetch data [using various languages like vb, vc++, core java, c, c++, power builder etc.,] and database server at the backend for data storage & retrieval [using ms access, sql server, Oracle, sybase, mysql, quadbase etc.]

Client server applications run on two or more machines which can be accessed by limited number of users

In Client Server application there are limited users and the application user are already known before. They might have a username/ password to access the application.

It is menu driven which is in connected mode (connection exists always until logout) Client server testing has less number of network issues when compared to web app

It required knowledge on networking and server location. System is installed on the server and an executable file in run on the systems / client machines in intranet

Client Server side testing test the application GUI on both the systems (server and client), we check the functionality, load, database and the interaction between client and server.

In this testing test cases and test scenarios for this type of testing are derived from the requirements and experience.

Following are the tests performed on client server type application:-

1) User interface testing

2) Manual testing

3) Functionality testing

4) Compatibility testing

5) Configuration testing

6) Interoperability testing

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