Top 11 Proven ways to Make Money Online in 2020

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Earning extra money is always dream of everyone’s. If you are looking for magic to earn extra money then you are thinking wrong. Here are the top 11 proven ways to make money online in 2020.

Earning money is always been restricted to traditional ways. As internet taking charge on so many domains, so there are so many ways try to earn money online and increase your financial inflow.

Everyone is looking to earn extra money with low investment or without investment and risk free job.

There are numerous way to earn money online and some of them might be fraud. Choose right and willing devote time for long term passive income instead of quick earning.

Now due to lock down some of might have more free time and thinking about earning extra money. Here is good news; we brought to you proven way how to earn/make extra money online with low investment for long term.

Following are the proven ways to make money online in 2020. Just you need to be consistent, invest time, be creative with new idea and stick with it even if you start your journey slow but one day maybe you will earn good money for longer

1] Freelancing
2] Consultant
3] Blogging
4] YouTube Channel
5] Digital Marketing
6] Affiliate Marketing
7] Writing Book
8] Stock Market Trading
9] Online Teaching
10] Podcasting
11] Build Social Community/Network

1] Freelancing:

If you have talent and skill then freelancing has been a popular way to earn money online. There are several website offers freelancing work for people with varying skills. Remember you will only be paid once you done your assigned work. Might be there are several times they revise your work to meet exact requirement.

2] Consultant:

If you are expert or after gaining specific knowledge, you can provide counseling online. You can sale your advice and knowledge to many people.

3] Blogging:

Are you creative, innovative and have writing skills then blogging is the best way to generate money. You need invest only up to Rs. 2000/- (Two thousand rupees only) for domain and hosting. Write post, publish. You can apply for Google ad and make money online or sponsoring product on your blog.

4] YouTube Channel:

Many people do not know how to make millions of people earn money through YouTube. You can record your idea on specific topic or current trend and upload video. Gain follower and apply for the advertise and sponsored ad to start earning money.

5] Digital Marketing:

Every individual or business owner want to reach end user. Digital marketing is the only way to reach to the customer speedily. Become expert in AdSense, designing, strategies to reach customer via Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Make plan, proposal and start working with client.

6] Affiliate Marketing:

With the help of affiliate marketing you can become partner with brands and business. You can display their banner, product and services to your website. Once someone buys from your website you will get fixed percentage of product or service charge. You can run retail shop online.

7] Writing Book:

You can write and publish industry need, educational need or on any skills which can be applicable to all. Books can be publish online or offline. It’s an ongoing source of passive income.

8] Stock Market Trading:

You can earn money online by doing trading, if you know how to pick right stock. There is chances of to lose money also. You need to be careful. Before going for trading, do fundamental analysis clearly or gain knowledge related to trading.

9] Online Teaching:

You can earn money by tutoring people online. You need to expert in specific field or skill. You can conduct online lecture, webinar etc. You can connect Google meet, Zoom, WebEx, YouTube etc. for online teaching. For the registration and other details you can use Google form, sheet etc.

10] Podcasting:

You can earn money by hosting an online podcast. Choose good skill, find niche and grow audience. Once you grow your audience you can apply for the sponsored ad. It is not easy task; you need to carry writing contents, recording, editing and upload. Post podcast socially to grow audience.

11] Build Social Community/Network:

Last but not least, you can build online community, forum and charge member for the membership. You can build Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, What’s app etc. community or forum.

There any number of other ways to make money online. Don’t just take my way as final. You can find other conform ways and post in comment. You will get thousands of online success stories as inspiration. Behind success each one invests their time, efforts, patient, consistent to make money online. Keep in mind this are the ways where you can make online for lifetime. This income called as passive income.

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