Multiprocessor Operating System

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Multiprocessor operating system refers to the use of number of or two or more Central Processing Units (CPU) within a single computer system.

Multiprocessor Operating System Definition:

Multiprocessor operating system is defined as “It is a system in which multiple processors works parallel and share the computer clock, memory, bus, peripheral devices etc. “

It is server operating systems with special features for the communication and the connectivity.

These systems are referred as tightly coupled systems.

Why Multiprocessor OS used:

Multiprocessor operating system used when very high speed is required to process a large volume of data.

Where Multiprocessor OS used:

Satellite control

Weather forecasting etc.

Multiprocessor operating system contains or work done o the basis of:
Symmetric multiprocessor: Each processor contains a

similar copy of the operating system and they all communicate with each other.

Asymmetric multiprocessor: Each processor is given a predefined task. There is a master processor that gives instruction to all the other processors.

Advantages of Multiprocessor OS:

To get more work done in a shorter period of time

More reliable (If one processor fails, the system will not halt.)

Enhanced Throughput (Number of processes getting executed per unit of time increase)

More Economic Systems (cheaper than single processor systems in the long run)

Disadvantages of Multiprocessor OS:

Complicated OS

Required Large Main Memory (Larger pool of memory is required as compared to single processor systems)

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