MAH MCA CET 2018 Sample Question Paper

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MAH-MCA-CET 2018 admission, online CET would be comprised of two online papers viz. General Aptitude (GA) and Computer Concepts (CC) of 100 marks each, with composite time of 90 minutes duration followed by negative marking. Each paper shall have 25 questions. Following are the MAH MCA CET 2018 sample questions on Computer Concepts (CC)

1] The small, touch-sensitive screen at the base of the keyboard on a laptop is known as the:
A] Stylus.
B] Touchpad.
C] Game control.
D] Trackball.

2] What is not always necessary for accessing the Web?
A] A Web browser
B] A connection to an Internet Access Provider
C] A computer
D] A modem

3] The most common keyboard uses the ____________ layout.
A] Dvorak
B] Numeric
D] Alpha

4] What is the other name for LAN Card ?
A] Network Connector
C] Internet Card
E] None of these

5] Which of the following groups consist of only output devices?
A] Scanner, Printer, Monitor
B] Keyboard, Printer, Monitor
C] Mouse, Printer, Monitor
D] Plotter, Printer, Monitor
E] None of these

6] The rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data, and/or information is a
A] Title bar
B] Button
C] Dialog box
D] Window
E] None of these

7] The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into _________
A] Files
B] Tables
C] Information
D] Graphs
E] None of these

8] Which part of the computer helps to store information?
A] Disk drive
B] Keyboard
C] Monitor
D] Printer
E] None of these

9] If you use shortcut key F11 to create a chart on chart sheet then it creates
A]Three dimensional line chart
B] Three dimensional column chart
C] Two dimensional bar chart
D] Two dimensional column chart.
E] None of these

10] The popular DOS based spreadsheet package is
A] Word
B] Lotus1-2-3
C] Smart cell
D] Excel
E] None of these

11] How to select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation?
A] Press Alt + shift
B] Press ctrl + H
C] Press Tab
D] Press ctrl + K

12] How can you link excel worksheet data to a word document?
A] With a hyperlink
B] With a copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar.
C] With a right drag method
D] With a copy and paste special command

13] If a person wants to have a same look of all the slides in the presentation then he/she should use
A] Add a slide option
B] A presentation design template
C] The slide layout option
D] Outline view

14] What is the advantage of using a spreadsheet?
A] Automatic calculations
B] Calculations are automatically updated if data is changed.
C] More flexibility
D] All of the above

15] What do you mean by DBMS?
A] Set of programs to update data
B] Collection of data
C] Set of programs to access data
D] All of the above

16] The language that the computer can understand and execute is called
A] Application software
B] Machine language
C] System program
D] All of the above
E] None of these

17] A step by step procedure used to solve a problem is called
A] Operating system
B] None of these
C] Application Program
D] All of the above
E] Algorithm

18] Which of the following holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards
A] Mother board
B] Cache memory
C] Hard disk
D] All of the above
E] None of these

19] The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
A] Logical errors
B] Semantic errors
C] Syntax errors
D] All of the above
E] None of these

20] A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the
A] Compiler
B] Loader
C] None of these
D] Assembler
E] Operating system

21] WAN hardware includes
B] Bridger and modems
C] Multiplexors and routers
D] All of above
E] None of these

22] A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is
A] Keyboard
B] Plotter
C] Scanner
E] None of these

23] Which protocol provides email facility amongs different host
E] None of these

24] If the displyed system time and date is wrong, you can reset it using
A] Write
B] Calender
C] Write file
D] Calender

25] Programming language ‘COMAL’ stand for
A] common algorithmic language
B] common arithmetic language
C] common arithmetic learning
D] common algorithmic learning

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