How to Earn Money through Freelancing in 2020

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Earning money is job and responsibility. Earning extra money other than job is a dream of every individual. Skilled people always in demand for any company to solve problem and perform outstanding. This can be done directly associating with company or indirectly associating as a freelancer. This post focus on how to earn extra money through freelancing and get paid for our skills.

Being a freelancer has lot of benefits. You can work from anywhere and make your own rule. There are so many freelancing website who offers work as freelancer. Click for how to make online money.

Freelancer is an individual who provide services per hour, per project, per task etc. Freelancer means, doing trade time for money. Freelancer would be virtual assistance.

So many people think they do not know how to become freelancer and freelancing experience. But keep trust on yourself, you can also do better and earn extra money.

For freelancing or virtual assistance, just need to determine what your good at and commit to give as an expert.

1] Sign Up:

Sign up and working as freelancer is absolutely free. But anyone wants take membership, they can upgrade and helps self to avail more bids and earn more money.

2] Set Up Your Profile:

Certain project required your profile to reflect certain skills. So you need add your niche skills and complete you’re at least presentable profile. Profile showcases your personality, resume, portfolio, skills etc. Employer may hire/assign you completely based on judgment which can be made on profile. We can say, profile plays vital role in freelancing to hire or get hire.

3] Find Project and Start bidding:

Hundreds of projects and contents are posted in each day under different categories. There are more than 700 categories in the job page. Do check regularly and find suitable project/work for you. As per your interest and skills start bidding. Before placing bid, make sure to write a compelling reason why the employer should pick you over everyone else.

4] Work:

This is most rewarding step. Before starting work, make sure that both you and the employer are aligned in terms of project scope, deadlines, and Milestone Payments so there will be no issues along the way. You may want to have a signed agreement in place to seal the deal.

Try to impress client/employer by being consistent to follow specified timeline and maintain your repo.

5] Get Paid, Earn Highest Rating and Feedback:

Once you get paid, you can withdraw your money via PayPal or other medium. Ask them to give good feedback and high rating for completer project.

Accumulation of great, quality feedback is a great addition to your portfolio.

You can work as a freelancer and earn extra money. There so many websites available to work as a freelancer. Few of them freelancing website are as:






Keep earning money as freelancer

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