How to Establish Software Quality Requirements

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Software Quality Requirements are concern with all user specified functional  and non functional requirements. Quality of product is defined when functions are meet with requirements. Following are the list of software quality requirements are used to improve software quality during software development
1] Consistency: – The absence of clear contradiction within data

2] Correctness: – It extent to which data is up to date

3] Completeness: – All necessary values and data should be present as per system point of view
and user perspective

4] Precision: – It measures the degree of information needed in a stated context of use

5] Accuracy: – The degree to which a value confirms to its actual or specified values. It can be
stated in terms of
A] Syntactical accuracy
B] Semantic accuracy

6] Security:- Data to be accessed and interpreted by only authorized users

7] Availability:- Data should be always retrievable

8] Recoverability: – Maintain and preserve a specified values and physical and logical integrity,
even in the event of failure

9] Understandability: – Real meaning of data is easy for users to understand

10] Manageability:- Capability of data to be stored properly from a functional point of view

11] Efficiency: – Degree of capability of data processing and performance under stated condition

12] Changeability: – Easy to modified its type or values for changes in technological environment as per requirement or user specified functionality

13] Portability: – Capability of data to be moved from one platform to another. It is also called as ‘interoperability ‘

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