What is Brand Identity

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To build a strong product or service brand, you first need to give it a solid direction and meaning. In short, you need to be able to answer the question who is my brand? This post explains what is brand identity meaning, facets or brand identity, elements of brand identity with example.

Product or service brand identity is an independent entity of not only in popular brand but also brand management process like Amul, Pepsi etc.

What is brand identity/ brand identity meaning?

To build or maintain a brand, it is a power mount to define the brand identity. For this we should know the fundamental answer of:

Brand, who are you?

It helps to shape your product or service brand identity, meaning, direction and uniqueness.

When you have clear product or service brand identity then you have a stronger chance to create a brand identity.

Brand identity is a set of unique association of values, beliefs that are defined and created by the brand owner by answering a question:

Who is this brand?

It helps to establish relationship between right customers to right product.

Facets or prism of brand identity:

There are two facets of brand identity which representation looks like prism structure:

1] Core identity

2] Extended / Visual identity

1] Core identity:

As per the name of core it represents fundamental aspect of product or services

It also called as product DNA

Core identity includes:





Above core identities are not quickly change with time irrespective of brand expands product or services in new region.

2] Extended / Visual identity:

It includes:



Overall look and feel

Everyone can see the brand representation and visually

Example of brand identity:

Thumps Up:
Core identity: Strong, risk taking, Taste, celebrations

Extended / Visual identity: Adventures, stunts, macho

Slogan: Taste the thunder

Core identity and extended visual identity combinely grows the brand identity

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