How to Write an Effective Resume

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Resume is an abstract form of your personal details, education, work experience, projects and other important credential and achievements. You resume is the first document where recruiter review your resume and judge your capability within few minutes which you earned in college and degree level. Perfect resume stops the recruiters hunt

Consider resume is your “self advertisement” that sums of all detailed credential and achievements. It is concise and most important piece of your job application that meets the employer’s needs and gets you an interview.

Following are the most important sections are considered for effective and perfect resume writing:-

1] Header:-

Header usually contains your name, phone number, address and e-mail ID

2] Objectives:-

It includes how you contribute your experience, knowledge in the field where you are working and short/long term vision where or up to which position you want to reach and lead

3] Profile/Professional Summary:-

This includes a brief summary on your professional profile, qualification, roles and responsibility, domain knowledge and skills

4] Professional Experience:-

All the details highlighting your primary role and achievements in your previous organization. Write in reverse chronological order, job title, organization and job experience from to date

5] Technical Skills:-

This section focus on your expert area where you are efficiently and effectively work like know language, OS, database, tools etc.

6] Project Summary:-

It includes description of project you have done in college and degree. Mention your project followed by

Project title

Platform/Language used

Description of project

Roles and Responsibility played in project

Tools used to test project

7] Academic Details:-

This includes your educational qualifications. It includes degree, college and schooling details. Write in details name of degree, year of passing, passing university and percentage with specialization.

8] Extra Curricular and Curricular Activities:-

This section includes your non academic achievement in the field such as sports, art, events etc.

9] Social Engagement:-

It includes any significant social work done for NGO and society

10] Personal Details:-

This section includes your date of birth, address, language known, strength, weaknesses and other personal details.

As per your role (fresher and experience) you can change (or skip) the sequence of above steps.

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