What is Security testing

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Security testing is type of non functional testing which performs to intend protect data and maintain functionality as specified by customer from unauthorized user access.

Security testing verifies protection mechanisms built to protect system and system data from improper penetration.

It tests whether software application or product is secured or not.

It is mainly intended to restrict unauthorized access.

In security testing testers find out all ambiguity and weaknesses of the system which might use to loss of data or information from hackers or others.

It includes or tests integrity, confidentiality, authentication, authorization and availability of system

It is designed to probe vulnerabilities of
– Software application
– Client side environment
– Network communication
– Server side environment.
To protect above mentioned activities following security elements can be implement

1] Firewalls
2] Authentication
3] Encryption
4] Authorization

Example of security testing-:
Following are the basic examples which can be performed in any application
– Log in information of all social website
– Transactional information of bank or item purchase

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