What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Billions of transactions are done through various websites and application with broad categories. These wide range of categories are searched through the query simply write a keyword, phrase in available or favorite search engine. With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques it becomes easy to achieve higher rank among the websites through quality contents, readability, converting high user traffic.

It becomes very easy to collect huge information related to specific keyword, phrase and topic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a systematic process and right strategy, powerful techniques such as keywords, metadata, title, header tags, permalink, directory etc. used to obtain higher ranking among the search result page of search engine.

SEO Techniques are applied to achieve higher rank using different techniques (on site and off site techniques) and flavors (black, white and grey hat SEO). Following are the list of techniques we can use to increase popularity of website

I] On site optimization: –

These practices are used during the development of the website or
web pages.

Title Tag


Alt Attribute

Header Tags

Permalinks of Web pages

Internal Linking

Keyword Density


Directory / URL

II] Off site optimization: –

This technique is related to the practices through which the website and its contents are propagated through back links. It is used increase popularity of website because back links are proportional to the popularity.

It (back link) can be done through the following practices:-

Related web sites / blogs

Forums / Community / Online discussion board

Social network Like facebook, tweeter etc.

Reference link through comment / feedback / reply to the reader and web sites

Sending emails to masses

Keywords plays vital role in website ranking. Using selected keywords those are having higher average monthly searches can be identified and used in title to optimize the contents. Based on the best keyword, catchy title and SEO techniques article may comes higher position.

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