What is performance testing

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User gets frustrating when web application or any software does not gives response in terms of loading, downloading and gives message like server busy and some time goes to infinite waiting state in other situation. To overcome on stated occurrences every system should have implicit performance requirement.

Performance testing is a type of non functional testing which used to determine speed, response and effectiveness under variety of load conditions.

This process measures the response providing millions of instructions per second and check how system will performs.

Performance testing evaluates the system under mixture of load conditions and measure response based on many qualitative parameters like speed, scalability, reliability, interoperability and stability.

It verify that system meets all specifications claimed by customer and client like speed, response, transfer of date, efficiency, bandwidth, scalability, loading and downloading.

It is used to uncover all performance problems than can occur due to hardware, software, network bandwidth.

It identifies software performance problems occurred due to:
– Different applications running simultaneously
– Corrupted files
– Security exploit
– Active malware

It tells about what needs to be fixed before software application going live.

It is used to remove bottlenecks and pitfalls within the software.

System can work very well when all performance problems resolved.

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