What is Disaster Recovery Testing

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Disaster Recovery testing is a type of non functional testing which has ability to restart operations after the integrity of the software application has been lost.

Disaster Recovery testing verifies whether recovery is successful or not.

It is used to recover (must be corrected) from faults and resume processing within prescribed time period.

In disaster recovery testing Mean time To Repaire (MTTR) is evaluated to determine whether it is performed within time period.

It is categorized under performance testing and carried out to test how quickly software application recovers when system is crashed or hardware gets failed.

Recovery testing tested by trained tester to find performance related issues and fix them to go before live and also helps to improves system quality.

Objective of recovery testing is adequate backup should be preserved and kept it secure or multiple location.

Recovery testing used to evaluate restart, data recovery, checkpoint and re-initialization for correctness and system performance.

It is also called as backup testing

Recovery testing Example-:
Due to internet connectivity if 50 % data file is remaining to be downloaded, it is expected that the file downloading will resumed after internet connectivity.
Such conditions are checked during recovery testing.

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