What is Agile Scrum Methodology

Agile Scrum Methodology that incorporates the framework activities like requirement, analysis, design, evolution and delivery. Agile Scrum Methodology emphasizes project priorities, partitioned work unit, communication and frequent customers valuable feedback.

It adapt feedback loop to deal with complexity of work and risk. Complex work is divided into chunks, plan to implement typically in 2-3 weeks, asses progress through meeting to focus timely delivery.

Scrum principles by ADM96 are used to guide development activities are -:
– Small working teams are formed to communication and reduce overhead
– Process must be adaptable
– Constant testing and documentation performed after increment
– Development work and resources are partitioned
– Ability to declare a product done

Scrum emphasizes the use of software process pattern that proven effective with project with firm time line and changing requirement which defines set of development activity.
1. Backlog -: List of project requirement.

2. Sprints -: Work units that are required to achieve a defined requirement in predefined time.

3. Scrum Meeting -: It is held to asses progress of activity.

4. Demos -: It deliver software increment to the customer.

Scrum Role -:
1. Product Owner
2. Scrum Master
3. Team
1. Product Owner –: Product owner is responsible for continuous communication, planning,  vision and priorities to the development team.

2. Scrum Master -: It leads the meeting and asses the response of individual team member during the development.

3. Team -: It responsible for self organizing to complete assigned work.

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