Web application testing

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What is -:
Web application testing is a process of software testing, which verifies and validates all functions, interface, cookies, text formatting, database, usability, compatibility, performance, security etc.

It is collection of activities used to uncover errors which resides in application, browsing, communication protocols etc.

It focuses on user visible aspects of the web application.

According to R. Pressman, “Testing shouldn’t wait until the project is finished. Start testing before you write one line of code. Test constantly and effectively, and you will develop a much more durable website.”

When it is to be performed -:

It is performed on every phases of software development to test functional and non functional requirement.

Who is going to test -:
It is tested by developer, tester, stakeholders and end users in different scenario.

Activities involved in web application testing -:
To test functional and non functional user specified requirements following are the ideal testing types used
1] Functional testing
2] Performance testing
3] Database testing
4] Browser compatibility testing
5] Security testing
6] Usability testing
1] Functional testing -:
Check whether system performs all intended user specified functions like
– Links
– Webpage design and input – output data
– Session and cookies
– System workflow

2] Performance testing -:
Measure the system scalability, response time, behavior and throughput under specified time using following testing
– Stress testing
– Load testing
– Spike testing

3] Database testing -:
It test integrity and errors while execution and retrieving the data from database. It is tested with the help of
– Input data
– Output data
– Transactions (add, update, delete)

4] Browser compatibility testing -:
Ensure all the contents and functionality displayed correctly in different device. This testing test
– Operating system (Window, Linux, Mac etc.)
– Browsing compatibility (chrome, Firefox, IE etc.)
– Hardware compatibility
– Mobile compatibility

5] Security testing -:
Prevent customer sensitive information from unauthorized user. Data can be secure by using
– Captcha
– Image
– Secure gateway
– Antivirus

6] Usability testing -:
It is focus on easy to use and user friendly. It tests Web presentation, design, architecture, logic and functionality of the system. User feels better while surfing the application.

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