Walkthrough Process in Software Testing

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Walkthrough process in software testing is a type of review conducted by all participants which includes raising the questions, finding out possible errors and commenting on that, development standards, product quality and other problems.

In walkthrough process also checks design documents, source code, test case specifications, user specified requirements and other technical documents to reduce the errors and achieve standard.

It is form of peer review.

It is static testing techniques performed in organized manner.

It suggests direct alterations and rectify very early in the life cycle.

It examines the process, explain and knowledge transfer and evaluate the contents and discuss the validity of the proposed solutions.

It is used to identify the gap and validate the business requirements.

Main purpose of walkthrough is understanding, gaining knowledge, learning and defect finding and comments for alterations or quality improvement.

Following are the participant; participate informally in walkthrough process -:
1] Author
2] Reader
3] Scribe (Recorder)
4] Moderator

Walkthrough Process -:
– Presentation is made with comment throughout and at the end
– Reports are distributed to the participant
– Find out possible solution of defect
– Occurs one or more times during the phase
– Main purpose is learning, gaining, understanding and defect finding

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