User Acceptance Testing

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What is User acceptance testing?
User Acceptance testing (UAT) is a level of testing and software development process which evaluates the system with reference to whether it can be accepted or not by user. In user acceptance testing (UAT) developer records and corrects all the problems and errors during the testing before the delivery of the product is accepted.

It verifies and validates software application and project according to user specified requirement.

Where and who is going to test -:
It is conducted nearly completion or final phase of project and conducted in house (out house after delivery) organization in controlled environment.

It is done by user or client site.

Tester should have good knowledge of business requirement.

It focuses on user specified requirement only and checks whether they meet or not.

User acceptance testing follows black box.

It is also called as “beta testing” done before pre-release of software application to improve quality of product.

User Acceptance testing consist following task before release to the public through Plan, design and execute phases

Goal of UAT -:
It ensures the system is sufficient and correct for business usage and day-to-day business transaction and scenarios.

How UAT performed -:
It is performed on the basis of
– Verify business requirement
– Record and fix the defect
– Ready to execute


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