Unit Testing Vs Integration Testing

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Software project is divided into different module with different functionality; modules are divided into sub-modules with different functionality and so on. This software project is developed through Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and tested with the help of unit testing vs integration testing to check module and modules communication.

S. No Unit Testing Integration Testing
1 Unit testing is a process of checking a piece of code or module individually Integration testing is a process of checking different piece of code or modules combined
2 It focuses on single component of software application It focuses on integration of components and their behavior
3 No dependency on other component Dependency on other components
4 Scope of unit testing is narrow Scope of integration testing is wide
5 It is not divided into further sub type It is divided into sub types viz. Top down and bottom up integration
6 It does not follow any testing It follows unit testing
7 It does not catch components communication errors as unit testing Integration testing easily catches components communication errors as integration
8 It follows white box testing It follows white box and black box testing
9 It checks the behavior of individual component It checks the behavior of integrated components

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