Types of Bugs affects on Software Quality

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“A mistakes or errors in programming by programmer is called as error or mistakes, error or mistakes will found by tester during the testing is called as defect, defect accepted by programmer called as bug and because of bug system fails to do what it should to do (not perform intended functions) is called as failure.”

The failures of software products because of various types bugs which may affect software quality. Here are some of them.

1] Functionality bug-:
Software has functionality error if something that you expect it to do is improper or improper system behavior

2] Communication error-:
The errors occur in communication from software to end-user. It occurs when end used is confused or order to use the software (detailed flow) is not available on screen

3] Missing command-:
Missing command bug found when some expected commands are omitted in the system.

Example-: No option to come back (back button), when user want to visit back or previous page.

4] Syntactic error-:

It refers any error occurs in the code during compile and it is misspelled or grammatically incorrect sentence during GUI testing.

5] Error handling-:

System gives error message while user interacting with system. It needs to be handled with an error message by checking what system needs to be done and what it does not with compulsory field, misfield, page loading etc.

6] Calculations error-:

Calculation errors occur due to following reason:-
1] Coding error
2] Bad logic
3] Incorrect formula
4] Function call issue etc.

7] Control flow error-;

It describes what it will do next and on what condition.

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