Top 4 Skills required for HR Manager to Succeed

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Job of an HR manager is the most challenging one as there is no factor of production as complex as people. This post focuses on which top 4 Skills required for HR Manager to Succeed.

HR managers need to integrate processes, people and technology in an efficient and effective manner that should enable the organization to achieve its goals. While doing all this they need to assess, develop, reward and retain a wide variety of people.

Discussed below are the skill sets that an efficient HR manager should possess

1] Multi- knowledgeable:

HR managers should possess knowledge of all the diverse fields that collectively run a business. Since HR management is required in all the departments and at all levels, it is important that HR managers should be competent in all the diverse areas of

– Finance

– Sales

– Marketing

– Operations etc

2] Personal attributes:

HR managers should possess the mental ability to communicate, articulate and handle people and situations with intelligence.

He should have the learning skills as he needs to continuously upgrade himself to stay abreast with the outside world. Coaching and teaching is a Continuous process that a HR professional undertakes to develop the employee’s skills and personality.

They should possess the discretion to discriminate between right and wrong and use ethical attitude while dealing with people and situations.

HR managers should have both the leadership and executive skills.

They should be able to lead a large group of people towards a course of action that is in the best interest of the individual as well as the organization.

They should also accurately and quickly execute the management’s decision regarding personal issues.

HR Manager should have:

– Communication skill

– Ability to read people’s mind

– Empathy skill

– Listening skill

– People management skill

– Analytical and judgemental

– Tactical and strategical

3] Professional attitude:

HR manager’s job is getting professionalized. He should be organized as there is no margin of error when dealing with the lives and careers of people. He should have comprehensive understanding of:

– HR policies

– Principles

– Programs Practices and

– Laws.

4] Ethical attitude:

For healthy and successful running of a business, it is very important that the HR managers comply with

– The code of moral principles and values with respect to what is right or wrong.

– Employees should be coached from time to time and their ethical dilemmas should be cleared.

– In case of any violation the company should not hesitate to punish the unethical behavior of the employees.

– HR professionals should communicate clearly and fairly and aim to promote equity.

– HR professionals are company conscience and keepers of confidential information.

– They should respect and maintain privacy

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