Top 3 Tips for How to Face Interview Confidently

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Most of the people always stressed as they hear about interview or just thinking on how to face interview. Before facing an interview confidently just keep in mind an interview is not only test knowledge and behavior, it test honesty too and now they are conducting online virtual interview also. Top 3 tips for how to face interview confidently helps to do better.

Below are the given tips helps to face interview confidently, to stay cool and calm instead of being a nervous and wreck.

I] Before Interview

II] On the day of interview

III] Know what should not do

I] Before Interview:

1] Research about company/organization
2] Read Job Description or roles and responsibility
3] Go through your CV
4] Prepare to answer common questions
5] Practice answering these common question in different way

Note: Focus on CV because most of the questions raised on CV itself where is the mentioned introduction, objectives, skills, career change, strength and weakness, project done previously etc.

II] On the day of interview:

1] Dress Well:

The way you dress make a statement or impression about yourself. Attention to look smart

2] Be on time:

Reach before scheduled interview time (at least 15 minutes). It not only shows your punctuality but also it helps you to make yourself stress free.

3] Face Interview:

1] Knock the door

2]Greeting to the interviewer

3] Maintain smile on face

4] Speak with confidently

5] Seat straight

6] Engage in a Dialogue

7] Be Open and Honest

8] Make sure to thank your interviewers at last

Be relax and don’t worry so much, because you both (interviewee and interviewer) need to give respect and go ahead with open minded and honesty.

III] Know what should not do

You should avoid few things when you go to interview because you don’t know on which basis interviewer will judge you. Here are few things you should avoid at the time of interview

1] Avoid sharing overly personal information
2]Loose talking about your previous company
3] Avoid your habitual activity (e.g Scratching head, moving feet etc.)

Best Luck

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