Top 11 Types of Marketing to Grow Your Business

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Marketing begins with a creator and ends with a consumer. These article focus on top 11 types of marketing to grow your business and make a brand across.

Every entrepreneur or business organization should know importance of marketing and also know how to choose effective marketing strategies for business growth.

Along with traditional marketing organization should opt technological changes and based on own developed product and services they can thought about types of marketing available for them. Everyone know the importance of marketing to become sucess

Following are the list of best ways to do marketing to grow across the city, region, state and country and create brand and equity which can be following by any entrepreneurs:-

1] Direct Marketing-:

Communicate direct with customer and inform the product and services. Now a day you can also reach directly via social media and using other new technology

2] Newsletter Marketing-:

Promote a business product, services and culture is to write a newsletter that highlights some of the newsworthy things that have happening in the organization.

3] Online Marketing-:

Online banner and advertising is a new form of marketing has emerged in the form of social marketing using internet and media.

4] Referral Marketing-:

Make strategies and arrangement to provide additional discount and offers to referral, so that they can refer product and services to the new customer

5] Word of Mouth Marketing-:

As a human being customers are very excited to share stories of product and services from customer to customer by oral communication

6] Viral Marketing-:

Customers rigorously talking and sharing about your products and services which are existing and coming in future are very important to growing awareness for your business.

7] Seasonal Marketing-:

Offers great deals to meet new customers as per whether, seasons and holidays

8] Tele Calling Marketing-:

Convey products, services and offers to the customer through phone calls

9] Social Media Marketing-:

To engage and stay connected customer via offers, banners, thoughts, awards and culture of company through the Facebook, twitter, linkdn, Instagram etc.

8] Guerrilla Marketing-:

Apply grass root, nontraditional, and low-budget methods which have creativity and sensibility and the element of surprise to market to promote a product, service, brand, event, for new launch.

9] Affinity Marketing-:

Create strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial by forming alliances with complementary brands.

10] Event and Trade show Marketing-:

Arrange event and trade show to drive sale, identify customer needs and reach customer

11] Call To Action Marketing-:

Make conversion strategies to help improve the percentage of online visitors who become customers or who join the mailing list and those who are not satisfied customer.

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