Top 10 ways to improve communication skills

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Communication is a key interpersonal skill used to communicate with family, social and friends through verbal and non verbal skills. Communication skills are the ongoing process to achieve success in many aspects of life. These (Top 10 ways to improve communication skills) are the effective methods to create lasting first impression.
Following are the essential points to get ideas across better at work through effective communication

1. Dressing and appearance -:
As correctly said “first impression is the last impression.” It is a non verbal skill which strongly influences other people. The way how a person dresses makes him or her confident in his or her own abilities.

2. Have a small talk and tell story -:
Small talk is the best mechanism which helps a person to win friends; we can talk to anyone and always when meeting for the first time. It helps to build confidence for better dialog.

3. Courage and practice -:
Courage and practice both are keys of great leadership and good speaker. It helps us to share ideas what we think and put instinctive opinion without hesitating.

4. Eye contact -:
Eyes are the best attributes of human expression as they can be directed to show millions of different emotions in one look. Eyes are used to project a positive image and it acts as catalyst for changing your life.

5. Body Language -:
It works in conjunction where the sender and the receiver each have their own role to play. The role of the body language in effective communication is to observe both yourself and others thus it helps us to communicate louder than words.

6. Focus on message and avoid distraction -:
For an effective communication the necessary part is to focus on the speaker, so that we can properly communicate. Distraction must be avoided as it can hamper the communication.

7. Listening skills -:
“Good listener is a communicator.” Communication is fruitful if it is listening properly by the receiver. Focus should be on what the user has said rather than how he has said.

8. Voice modulation -:
The change in speaking tone gives idea to the listener that something is happening. Modulation thus enhances emphasis in words and gives the proper meaning to each sentence.

9. Positive attitude -:
A positive attitude accomplishes faster task in a better manner. It helps to maintain the healthy relationship while we communicate.

10. Minimize stress and smile -:
When a person is under stress it is difficult communicate properly. To communicate effectively a person must learnt to manage stress with smile and must modify strong emotions.

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