Top 10 Differences Between Business Plan and Business Proposal

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To understand the basic concept of business plan and business proposal is a art for every person, entrepreneur, employee, house wife, college pursuing student etc. to make business successful. There is some basic difference business plan and business proposal. Most people are used this two terms interchangeably.

A business plan is diverse from a business proposal in terms of content, structure, writing style, goals, strategies, target customer and purpose etc.

Following are the key differences between business plan and business proposal:-


Business Plan

Business Proposal

It is planning of business which is not start yet It propose something in a business which is ready
It is written presentation of fact  It is quote and call to action
It is an outline of detailed description of business  It is formulated document used to illustrate how business will carry out the values, action and project
Business plan can be drawn both start-up as well as existing firm Business proposal can be prepared for only existing firm
It is used to record and covey information It is used to develop business opportunity
It documents vision for business and how you intend to achieve that defined vision It develops business idea to potential customer / firm
 It has general audience It has specific audience i.e potential customer
 It project five year financial projection It has no limited bound
 It comprises three elements viz. description of the business model, the marketing strategy and financial projections It comprises with solicited / requested (fixed / same format) or not requested / unsolicited (may or may not same) format in request by potential customer
 It is an informational document designed to factually display your firm operations  It is more of a marketing document, designed to convince the audience or potential customer to do business by presenting a value proposition and a call to action

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