Testware in Software Testing

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Testware in software testing is a term which is used to describe all of the material used to perform a test. It includes test cases, test plan, test report, input, expected result, documentation, files and procedure and any other items needed to design and perform test. Testware is a subset of software which helps in performing the testing of application.

It is produced by both verification and validation method.

It is produced by software test engineer.

Testware is also called as testing tool.

Testware should be placed under the control of a configuration management system, saved and faithfully maintained. If particular tester leaves the company then someone else can maintain and continue the process. So testware is valuable asset to the company

It has significant value because it can be reused without incurring the cost of redevelopment with each use.

It is required to plan, design, and execute test.

Testware is term given to combination of all utilities and application software that required for testing a software package.

Testware is different from general software’s because of:

1] Developed by testers for a specific purpose only

2] It has different metrics for quality and

3] It has different metrics for different users

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