Testers Workbench

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Testers workbench is a process of documenting how specific activity flows and has to be performed. It verifies and validates the system functionality and methodology. It is one of the part of software development life cycle which ensures that product meets the specifications, standards and procedure to be followed.

Tester’s workbench is a testing tool which supports wide variety of quality and testing activities like test planning, configuration management, and design, review and test execution.

It supports automation of testing tasks.

It ensures the work procedures and if problem finds then it send back to the rework and if there is no problem then product released to the next workbench.

To check and ensures the work activity, following steps are referred in workbench are -:
1] Input
2] Output
3] Check
4] Rework
1] Input -: Define entrance criteria and provide requirement to produce output

2] Output -: Define exit criteria and verify and validate the produced output with expected. If problems / bug detected in output then send back to the rework and if not then send to the next workbench.

3] Check -: Ensure output with expected user specified requirements

4] Rework -: If output is not desired then send it to the rework step. Correct the suggested changes / errors and again send to the execution

Example -:
In actual project development contains many workbench connected which gives you standard procedure to perform work activity. Let us understand the workbench through software development life cycle
A] Requirement -: Define the entry point and provide user requirement for the process

B] Design -: Design document for requirement specification, check, review and procedure

C] Coding -: Write source code or program according to user specified designed document

D] Execute -: Execute or implement the source program according to document and verify and validate the expected user specified requirement

E] Testing -: Ensure the deviation of process

F] Deployment -: Produced output is expected then, deploy on system to verify and validate to perform user specified functionality

G] Maintenance -: Check the process and keep track on regression testing after every changes

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