Test Management in Testing

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What is Test Management -:
Test management is a complete compressive series of activity to manage, plan, organize, monitor, execute all designed test cases and correct the defect associated with product. It commonly refers to the activity of managing software testing process.

It takes control over all test process.

It is associated with manual and automation software testing.

It helps to tracking test cases, updating scripts, automating testing and recording results for perfect your testing.

It specially designed for test manager to give tips, tools and procedure to steer running project to success.

Test management consists following series of activities to proceed smoothly -:
A] Planning -:
1] Risk Analysis
2] Test Estimation
3] Test Planning
4] Test Organization

B] Execution -:
1] Test monitoring and control
2] Issue Management
3] Test report and evaluation

The expert test manager is expected to select or create, evaluate and improve the most appropriate approach for a given situation also best test manager manage test team and managing testing throughout the organization are addressed extensively and special attention is given to the various project management tasks that would apply at the expert test management level.

Responsibilities of test manager -:
– Clear set of rules, responsibilities and requirement
– Helps in development and maintenance phases
– Focus on design and coding faults
– Improves quality of product

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