Team Building Process

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Team Building Process :- We are work as a member of team rather than individual. When group of individuals having same goal, attitude, and interest coming together to work common objectives then team is form. Team is a small number of individuals with complementary skills who are committed to perform common objectives and they hold themselves mutually accountable. These article is helpful to know more about types of team, team building process, effective team works etc.      What is team building -:
Team building is a process of binding group of individuals to perform various activities undertaking to motivate the team members and increase the overall performance of the team with effectively, efficiently and responsibility.

Individual member of team are viewed as interdependent team instead of individual worker.

It is an ongoing process that helps to work in cohesiveness unit.

The team members are not only share idea and expectations for achieving group tasks, but trust, reward, understand and support one another and respect one another’s individual differences.

For effective team works needs -:
– Highly focused towards goal
– Handle conflict
– Need active participation
– Encourage others
– Communicate openly and positively
– Establish guideline and clearly expectation
– Monitor work
– Be supportive
– Mutual understanding and co-operation
– Trust on each other
– Training for effective and efficient work
– Reward system

Types of team and team building -:
1] Work team
2] Problem solving team
3] Management team
4] Virtual team
1] Work Team -: It is also called as ‘traditional’ team and is concern with only work.

2] Problem solving team -: Team is established to solve specific problem or we can say team established to attack on raised problem.

3] Management team -: Team formed to guide, co-ordinate, communicate and controlling work

4] Virtual team -: Team is formed and activities placed through only email, video conferencing etc. without actual meeting.

Stages of team building developement / Team building process -:
A] Forming
B] Storming
C] Norming
D] Performing
E] adjourning

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