System testing

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System testing is a level of software testing and type software development process which test integrated part of system and evaluate system compliance with user specified requirements.

According to IEEE System testing is process of testing of an integrated hardware and software system to verify that the system meets its specified requirements.

It tests fully integrated application or whole system before going live.

It finds out the defect based on system behavior and design from an end-to-end perspective.

It verifies and validate system to be delivered meet the specified requirement have been fulfilled.

It is done under the black box testing which does not require any internal knowledge of source code.

It is tested by independent testers.

Following task to be performed by system testing
– Integrate all component
– Find defect like interface and performance
– Verifies and validate all functional and non functional requirement

There are different types of system testing which comes under functional and non function testing. Types are as
1] Load testing
2] Stress testing
3] Security testing
4] Performance testing
5] Recovery testing
6] Usability testing
7] Back end testing
8] GUI testing
9] Requirement testing

Example of system testing -:
Suppose online railway reservation system has different modules like login, plan my journey, cancel ticket, refund and print ticket. In system testing test all integrated modules and check behavior of system with functional and non functional testing.

It focuses on whole application of railway reservation system.

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