Spiral Model in SDLC

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What is Spiral Model in SDLC -: Spiral model in SDLC is a software development process. It is integration of incremental (iterative) process model and waterfall (sequential linear) development model. Spiral model emphasized on high risk and used in large project development which involve continuous enhancement. It refines specific activities repeatedly passes through continuous (spiral) iterations.

Spiral model in software development is also called as meta model since it encompasses all other life cycle models.

It is realistic approach to the development of large scale system and software. It might be used represent “product development project”.

Using spiral model in SDLC, software is designed and developed in a series of evolutionary releases.

It is divided into set of framework activities. Each framework activities represented one segment of the spiral path. The circuits around the spiral model are -:
A] Communication

B] Planning

C] Modelling

D] Construction

E] Deployment

As this evolutionary process start, the development team performs activities that are implied by a circuit around the spiral in clockwise direction.

A] Communication -:
Gathering and very well understand all business requirements. Communicate collected information to the different teams to understand, prepare  and identify process.

B] Planning -:
Schedule, analyse and estimate product and process based on collected requirement.

C] Modelling -:
Conceptual design and build system architecture as per the specified requirement.

D] Construction -:                                                                                                                                          Write code and test according to design and based on requirement.

E] Deployment -:
Deploy system for open market. Collect feedback and if and changes suggest then update in next version.

When Spiral model used -: Spiral model used in following scenario:
– When project is in large scale

– When requires significant changes

– Where requirement is bit complicated

– Where continuous risk evaluation needs

This model is very helpful where large scale project is going to develop. It can enhance easily and deliver small prototypes through iterations (Spiral). Spiral model requires expertise to schedule, estimate risk throughout product development project.

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