Software Requirement Specification SRS on E-Commerce

Software Requirement Specification (SRS) on E-Commerce website / application provides detail view of problem statement, objectives, design and functional and non functional requirements. This e-commerce system provides easy access of information regarding the categorized product. It also helps to buy, sells, chat, verify and validate customer details, transact and generate report with legal contract.

E-commerce website categorize product and services as per their requirement, parties may chat with each other, confirms the deal, add to cart and transact with or even the platforms on which they operate.

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Software Requirement Specification SRS is designed document and describe the agreement between the customer and the developer regarding the specification of e-commerce site.

1.1 Purpose:

E-commerce is an emerging and fast growing technique which is used to buy and sell categorized product or services, chat, transact, generate report and track history of every customer.

1.2 Scope:

E-commerce is an interface between customer and marketer, which can be used for any kind of business product or services.

1.3 Definitions, acronyms & abbreviations:

E – Electronic

1.4. References:

E-commerce sites (example: Amazon, Flip cart, eBay etc.)

1.5 Overview:

E-commerce is a web based application or mobile application implemented for easy to access product or services around the corner of world, buy, sell, chat, transact, get service and maintains records. Using record we can track customer and inform customized and future offers and discount.
Legal contract department prepare policy contract and sends to customer after payment has received from the customer.


2.1 Product Perspective:

E-Commerce website or application supports a number of functions for both the consumer and marketer

2.1.1 System interfaces:
2.1.2 User Interface
2.1.3 Hardware:
2.1.4 Software:
2.1.5 Communication:

Can communicate via alert, emails, text message etc.

2.2. Product functions:

Provides following list of functions:

  • Allow to login and become prime member
  • Show categorized product with detailed specification
  • Available function to compare different product
  • Add to cart
  • Check offers
  • Make Wish list
  • Remind me later
  • Online Transaction
  • Chatting with parties
  • Maintain records

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