Software Quality Metrics

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Definition of Measure-:
Amount of dimensions or size of some attribute of a product or process.
E.g. Number of errors in program
Definition of Metrics-:
Quantitative measure of degree to which a system, component or process a given attribute.
E.g. Number of errors found per person hours expended for the program
Why measure Metrics-:
Determine the quality of the current product and process standard
Improve quality of a product or process standard
Motivation for Metrics-:
– Estimate the cost and schedule of future project
– Evaluate the productivity impacts of new tools and techniques
– Establish productivity trends over time
– Improves the software quality
– Forecast future staffing needs
– Anticipate and reduce future maintenance needs
Common software metric includes-:
– Bug per line of code
– Code Coverage
– Cohesion
– Coupling
– Cyclometric complexity
– Function point Analysis
– Number of classes and interfaces
– Number of line of customer requirement
– Source line of code
– Correctness
– Usability
– Standard for software evaluation

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