Software Quality Measurement Tools

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Software quality measurement is benchmark for monitoring, verifying and validating with early defect detection and application size.

To fulfils user expectations, improve source code quality, minimize threats and user specified requirement SQA team and large IT companies use following software quality measurement tools

This is integrated tool of Capability, usability, performance, Reliability, Installation, Maintenance, Documentation and service. With the help of these tools, company verifies and validates all user specified requirements.
1. Capability -: Ability to perform certain action through set of controllable measure or environments

2. Usability -: Easy to use, interaction and matching more closely user specified requirements

3. Performance -: A process of performing task and function under critical (stress, load) condition

4. Reliability -: It is process of evaluation and measure under specified time period (MTTF, MTTR)

5. Installability -: It is easy to install, run and retrieve data whenever required

6. Maintainability -: Probability of performing successful operation, measure speed and ease of application after installed

7. Documentation -: It is used to serve official information (manual of technical and facility description) and flow of data

8. Service -: Set of valuable actions performed to fulfils user specified needs or provide facility for user satisfaction

2] FURPS -:
This is integrated tool of Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance and Service. All requirements should be verifies and validate with the help of these tools.
1. Functionality -: Verify and validate all user specified functions performing correctly
2. Usability
3. Reliability
4. Performance
5. Service

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