Software Quality Assurance Question Bank

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As per the Savitribai Phule Pune University Master of Computer Application (MCA) syllabus following are the chapter wise questions designed for you. I hope it will help you to review syllabus contents and achieve good marks.

Chapter No:- 1 Software Quality Assurance Fundamentals
Long Answer Question
1] What is quality assurance (QA) and software quality assurance (SQA). Explain activities of
SQA in detail

2] Explain quality factors (Mc Calls) in details

Short Note Question
1] Define QA, QC and SQA

2] Building blocks of SQA

3] Quality metrics

Chapter No:- 2 Software Reliability
Long Answer Question
1] Define software reliability. Explain models of software reliability in detail

2] Define software reliability. Explain reliability techniques in detail

Chapter No:- 3 Software Verification & Validation Activities
Long Answer Question
1] Explain V and V in detail

2] Write checklist for “Online University Result System”

3] Case study on checklist

Short Note Question
1] Software inspection

2] Automated static analysis

3] Clean room software development

4] V and V

Chapter No:- 4 Software Quality Assurance Plan:
Long Answer Question
1] Explain steps to develop and implement a Software Quality Assurance

Short Note Question
1] ISO standards

2] CMM

3] Malcom Balridge

4] Six sigma

Chapter No:- 5 Software Quality Assurance Metrics
1] How to measure software quality metrics

2] Metrics used in software maintenance

3] Examples on metrics program

Short Note
1] In process quality metrics

Chapter No: – 6 Software Quality Metrics Methodology
1] Explain software quality metrics methodology in detail

2] Explain fundamentals in measurement theory

Short Note
1] Software quality indicator

2] Measurement theory

Chapter No: – 7 Software Quality Infrastructure Components
1] Preventive and corrective actions

2] Configuration management

3] Supporting quality devices

4] Procedure and work instruction

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