Software Inspection Process

Software Inspection is a process of review the source code developed by a peer with the intent of identifying defects and improving maintainability.

It is process of finding or detecting the errors only with checking the whole process

It is formal process. During inspection process documents are prepared and checked thoroughly by the reviewers before the meeting

It involve peers to examine the product which is headed by trained moderator with formal follow-up

It is used to reduce the cost before it goes higher during the SDLC or any process of quality

It is static (Do not require execution)

It is efficient and effective method of verification for improving software quality

Objectives of inspection are-:

  • Helps to improve the quality of the document under inspection
  • It removes defects as early as possible
  • It improve product quality using checklist
  • Verify whether work meets predefined criteria or not

Participants of software inspection are-:






Software Inspections Process -:

A] Planning-: Define entry and exit criteria and schedules future steps.

B] Overview-: Review software product and process

C] Individual preparation-: Individual activity according to assigned task

D] Inspection / Meeting-: Conduct formal meeting / review to examine process

E] Rework-: Response to defect determined at meeting

F] Follow up-: Verifies that corrections are made or not


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