Six Sigma Process

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Six Sigma is an approach to improving the quality of product or services, which strives for near perfection.

It is disciplined data driven approach methodology for eliminating defect in process and product.

It can be used to describe how well a process (or product) such as work environment is performing and indicate way to performing improves that process.

Measurement and statistical analysis of data are center to the six sigma approach.

It is used to reduce the variation in quality measurement

The commonly used six sigma process is called DEMAIC (Define-Measure-Analysis-Improve-Control) which is typically used to improve existing process.

The DMAIC approach is used in the ongoing evaluation of workspace because it is powerful process to improve customer requirement for the space and performance of that space.

The DMAIC includes following activities-:
1] Define-: Define project scope and measure establish

2] Measure-: Initial measures are collected and determine current quality performance

3] Analysis-: Data are analyzed and further measurement taken

4] Improve-: Strategies are making implemented to make improvement

5]Control-: The findings are shared organizationally and measurement feedback loop is established to collect data, identify problem and hold the gain to make continuous improvement.

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