Selenium Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

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Que.1] What is Selenium?
Ans -: It is automated tool used to automate only web based application. It support functional and regression testing.

Que.2] For which operating system (OS) selenium support
Ans -: MS Window, Linux, Macintosh

Que.3] For which browser selenium support etc
Ans -: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, chrome etc.

Que.4] Which language selenium support?
Ans -: To enhance the automated test cases Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby etc.are used. Java is most used used in automated testing.

Que.5] When selenium was launched?
Ans -: Selenium was launched in 2001.

Que.6] When selenium webdriver was launched?
Ans -: Selenium webdriver was launched in 2006.

Que.7] When Selenium 2 is launched?
Ans -: Selenium 2 was launched in 2008. It is merged with webdriver and RC

Que.8] Which are the part of Selenium 1?
Ans -: Selenium 1 consist IDE (Integrated Development Environment), RC and selenium grid

Que.9] Which are the part of Selenium 2?
Ans -: Selenium 2 consist IDE (Integrated Development Environment), RC (Remote Control), Webdriver and selenium grid

Que.10] How much Selenium cost?
Ans -: Selenium is open source, can download free of cost from seleniumhq website. It is license with Apache 2.0

Que.11] What are the selenium component or selenium tools?
Ans -: Selenium components are IDE, RC, Webdriver and Grid

Que.12] What is Selenium IDE and how it works?
Ans -: IDE is a tool to create and execute test cases. It has record and playback feature

Que.13] What are the features of selenium IDE?
Ans -: Record and playback test cases, execute group of test cases (test suit) and edit test script

Que.14] What are the drwaback of selenium IDE?
Ans -: It supports only Mozila Firefox not other browsers. It doesn’t support flow control statement, programming language and complicated programs. It doesn’t support random test cases

Que.15] What is data driven test cases?
Ans -: Data driven test cases means executing test cases using multiple test case data

Que.16] What is selenium RC (Remote Control)?
Ans -: Rc support execution of test cases and multiple languages like java, c#, perl, php, python etc. It support random test cases. It support varius browser and flow control and control program

Que.17] What are the disadvantages of RC
Ans -: It is tekes more time to execute test cases. It doesn’t support parallel execution.

Que.18] Whar is selenium webdriver/
Ans -: Slenenium webdriver support execution of test cases and multiple languages like java, c#, perl, php, python etc. It support varous programming interface and operating environemnt. It support data driven test cases. Also support cross browset testing. It is faster than than other selenium suit.It support parallel test cases link TestNG. It provides summary only

Que.19] What is element locator?
Ans -: Element locator in selenium is used to locate elements or objects from web page

Que.20] What is selenium grid?
Ans -: Selenium grid used only test execution. It is not used to test design. It helps to run parallel test case execution in different RC. It helps to reduce time

Que.21] What is the difference between selenium and UFT (QTP)?
Ans -: Selenium is open source. It support multiple browser.It support various programming and scripting language. It requires install firebug and fire path plugins to inspect elements.
UFT is vender tool (license tool). It support only MS window.It support VB script only. It has built in object spy to inspect elements.

Que.22] What are the testing framework used in selenium/
Ans -: Junit (helps to execute test batches and generate test report) and TestNG (used to execute test suite and parallel testing).

Que.23] How to configure selenium?
Ans -: a] Download and install java software
b] Dowload and extract IDE
c] Download and install firbug and fire path plugins for firefox browser to inspect elements
d] Download selenium webdriver

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