Scope and Purpose of Software Testing

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Software testing is a process of evaluation of functional and non-functional requirement against the user specifications. Testing is integral part of quality and most important activity in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Manual and Automation testing is a good way to start career in software testing. Main scope and purpose of software testing is evaluating the quality related aspect of an application and to verify its behavior in different environment of the system.

Software testing scope and job becomes very promising as Digital World progresses from building website to mobile apps to wearable apps and very soon it moves toward Virtual Reality Apps. Objectives and principle of software testing scope

Defining the testing scope and purpose will be essential to keeping team and team work on right track. It always helpful to identify difference between expected and actual result.

Testers need to be very organized, logical, careful, analytical, determinant and patient during testing and building quality product and meeting user specification.

Scope of Software Testing:-

– IT is process of determining all features and functionality

– In Test planning phase

– Clear user specification to understand what need to be tested and not

– Customer satisfaction and recognition

– Build product quality

Scope of the testing can be defined based on:-

1] Understand what features are being tested

2] Where need to be changed

3] Make it clear

Purpose of Software Testing:-

Main purpose of software testing is to increase product and project quality. Testing used to discover and fix the bugs as early as possible. Purpose of testing is:-

– Measure quality of the software

– Discover and fix defect (Reduce number of defects / bugs)

– Verify and validate all user specified requirement

– Identify difference between expected and actual results

– Ensures meeting of Business Requirement Specification (BRS) and Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

– Determine test coverage

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