Science Project Ideas for School Students

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Following are the list of latest project ideas for School Student. These are helpful for high school as well as other students to understand science concept.
1. Magnifying glass
2. Serving tray
3. Soap making
4. Gift making
5. Rain gauge
6. Fan based on wind speed
7. Wastage dumping effect on citizen
8. Snow bubbles
9. Water patter observation using different liquids
10. Different Kite making
11. Different Toy making
12. Color film making using glass and water with color
13. Wooden gun making for diwali
14. Lightening bulb using cell
15. Balloon blow using soda, vinegar with water
16. Static electricity using comb, tissue paper and balloon using hair
17. Observe gas foam pressure using diet coke and mentos
18. Drip irrigation
19. Gas explosion using small plastic bag with pouring gas into bag
20. Salad decoration using defferent vegetables and fruits
21. Gravity defying water experiment using water, glass and card
22. Flute making using wooden, tree leaf
23. Magnifying bubble making using water, oil, alka seltzer, food dye and light
24. String phone with the help of cup or match box to study sound wave
25. Kaleidoscope making
26. Tree plantation study
27. Wheel cart making using waste wheels and material
28. Chocolate making

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