Sample Bug Report Template in Software Testing

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After discovering a defect, tester / test engineer generate a formal Defect / Bug Registration Form (Defect/ Bug Report). The main purpose of creating Defect Registration Form (Defect Report) is to state the problem as clearly as possible so that developer can reproduce the defect easily and fix it.

It gives clear idea of how to report a bug in bug tracking tool.

Following are the some fields can be used in defect report. Some bug report field might differ depending on your bug tracking tool.
1] Name of Project:-

2] Name of Module:-

3] Test Case Id:-

4] Bug ID:-

5] Area Path:-

6] Build Number:-

7] Version Number:-

8] Developed By:-

9] Developed Date:-

10] Reported / Tested By:-

11] Reported Date:-

12] Defect Severity:- High / Medium / Low

13] Defect Priority:- High / Medium / Low

14] Actual Result:-

15] Expected Result:-

16] Attachment:-

17] Assigned To:-

18] Reason:-

19] Status:-

20] Environment:-

21] Remark:-

Example:- To check Login Functionality
1] User Name
2] Password
3] Click on login button

Result-: Display home page

Expected result: – Display home page

Actual result: – Error message to login

Test engineer / Tester make defect report based on above occurred result as per the above stated format.

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