Roles and responsibilities of Test Leader-Test Manager-Test Engineer

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Roles and responsibilities depend on company and company process. Effective leaders are not only understood the discipline, process and workflow but they are also able to managing and implementing in the organization. Roles and responsibilities of test leader, test manager, test engineerĀ is to effectively lead the assigned work with team and achieve the work.

Leadership in software testing is about planning, managing, controlling, executing and tracking the whole performed work process. Following are the actual role and responsibilities of software leaders -:

Test Leader -:
1] Prepare project test plan
2] Identify how test teams align within organization to achieve goal
3] Identify scope
4] Analyze requirement and keep track of new requirement
5] Assign task to all teams
6] Check or review of test document
7] Organize meeting followed by agenda with schedule
8] Attend client call and escalate the issues
9] Discuss and communicate raised issues with teams and find out the solution
10] Check progress of work activity
11] Track and report upon testing activities
12] Lead, guide, monitor, control, motivate, design and execute workflow
13] Organize and conduct internal training id required

Test Manager -:
1] Estimate test project
2] Allocate resource and manage all work activity
3] Review of work, escalate issues and take necessary actions wherever required
4] Continuous monitoring and motivate to all leader
5] Lead meetings and Ensure quality

Test Engineer -:
1] Involve in work activities
2] Assigned work to be done
3] Find out the bugs / defect / errors
4] Report to the leader
5] Ensure all modified works

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