Role of Quality Assurance in software testing

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Definition of Quality Assurance -:
Quality assurance (QA) is planned and systematic set of activities necessary to provide adequate assurance that product and services will confirm to specific requirement and users or customers need.

Role of Quality Assurance in Software Testing -:
– It assures the process of product and process standard applied in SDLC
– Reduces technical risk
– It is process oriented
– It is done early stage of SDLC to ensure the quality
– It is defect prevention based
– Find defect, analyze defect, report and correct defect
– Assures the quality of product and process
– Verifying or confirming customer requirement
– Evaluate the effectiveness and completeness of quality control activities
– Gaining confidence of product qualities
– It point out untestable user requirement
– Held reviews during and after the process to validate requirement

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