Quality Control vs Quality Assurance

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Following are the key points of quality control and quality assurance used to develop quality software. The basic difference between quality control and quality assurance is as -:

SN Quality Control Quality Assurance
1 It observation techniques used to fulfill requirement for quality It is planned and systematic activities used to fulfill quality of product and services
2 Quality control focus on defect identification and correction Quality assurance focus on to prevent defect
3 It monitors and verify process It monitors and verify defined quality standards
4 It is reactive process It is proactive process
5 It is process of managing quality It is process of verifying the quality
6 Quality control implements the process Quality assurance establish the process
 7 It is product oriented It is process oriented
8 It follows validation It follows verification
9 It is done by testers It is done by entire team
10 It is computer based activity It is human based activity
11 It is time consuming process It is not considered as a time consuming
12 It improves development process It improves SDLC process
13 It is done after quality assurance It is done before quality control
14 Quality control is corrective tool Quality assurance is a managerial tool

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