New Year Resolution Planning

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Resolution is a self promise a person makes for the New Year or an occasion or an incident. Apart from what resolution you commit to the goal to improve yourself in coming days. This topic focuses on most popular resolution, tradition, history and purpose of New Year and steps to achieve New Year resolution.

New year or an occasion or an incident is like a new notebook. You get to write anything you want to do.

Most popular and common resolutions we wish:

According to BUPA New Year’s Resolutions study held by ComRes, most popular and common resolution makes you motivated and lives your best life which includes:

1] Exercise more = 38%

2] Lose weight = 33%

3] Eat more healthily = 32%

4] Take a more active approach to health = 15%

5] Learn new skill or hobby = 15%

6] Spend more time on personal wellbeing = 12%

7] Spend more time with family and friends = 12%

8] Drink less alcohol = 12%

9] Stop smoking = 9%

10] Other = 1%

As per current trends and past records some genius people want to go for other resolutions also like

11] Stay away from facebook, whats app etc.

12] Quit / less smoking

13] Start yoga

14] Start business or think extra income

15] Strengthen personal relationship

16] Read more books

17] Travel more

18] Social volunteer / participate in social activity

19] Create wealth / Earn more money and get out from debt

20] Spent less amount on shopping

21] Learn new skill

22] Attention on self improvement

23] Be organized

24] Stop making commitment

25] Enjoy life more

Good people once committed to his inner mind, it will become programs to identify exactly what it is that you want out of life.

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