Mobile Application Testing

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What is -:
Mobile Application Testing is a process of software testing, which test precise, scalability, robust, reliable and high quality mobile functionality on customer demand.

It tests to reduce complexity and speed time to value of application.

It improves scalability and efficiency.

It must be tested to ensure that, they run on
– Different mobile devices having screen size, keypad,
– Hardware configuration having RAM, Processor, memory size
– Operating system with updated versions
– Different service operator
– Support multiple networks like GPRS, WIFI, Blue tooth, Wi Max
– Speed connectivity across geographical area
– Multiple application and browsing at a time

When it is performed -:
It is performed pre-installed and after installed mobile software.

How it is to be performed -:
It can be tested manually or automated.

Who is going to test -:
It is tested by testers

Application can be tested based on -:
1] Functionality
2] Simplicity
3] User friendly
4] Speed
5] Sharing and connectivity
6] Defect rate

To fulfill above technical aspects following types of testing performed to run quality and reliable mobile application
1] Functional testing
2] Non functional testing
3] Usability testing
4] Compatibility testing
5] User interface testing
6] Performance testing
7] Operational testing
8] Security testing
9] Installation testing
10] Network testing
11] Interrupt testing

Mobile testing can be done for different mobile operating system like Android, iOS, Window etc with the help of above said software testing types.

It sure that the entire quality and performance of applications running smoothly on different devices and emulators while development

Different operating system works for different types of software testing using different types of mobile application tools.

Mobile Application Development Life Cycle

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