Mobile Application Testing Strategies and Tactics

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To accelerate personal and business growth smart phones and other booming devices plays vital role in communication. To complete user needs and compete with competitor company should adopt new wide range of flavoured technology and should apply innovative and unique mobile application testing strategies and tactics. Outstanding testing strategies and tactics build influencing mobile application in the market.

In Mobile Application Development Life Cycle along with designer, developer and tester face complicated challenges and strategies to achieve privileged standard for communication, GUI, for consumer and for worldwide business. For the same mobile application testing tools, challenges, strategies and types are used.

To make professional, interactive and user friendly mobile application following testing challenges and strategies can be implementing -:

Testing strategies -:
1] Emulators -:
It assists to design and develop pseudo-live environment for various devices.

2] Devices -:
Provide real type of testing environment for various devices screen resolution, hardware and OS versions.

3] Crowdsourcing -:
It is emerging software testing which used to test different types of devices by different tester form different locations

4] Cloud testing -:
It can be accessed from multiple places by different testers using browsers and it offers highly synchronized and pre-configured architecture for better real time users

5] Automation -:
Automate the script using testing tools to save cost and provide better result to compare manual

6] Network connectivity -:
It always play vital role in mobile application or we can say mobile devices is totally dependant on network connectivity like network speed, bandwidth limitation, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS etc

Testing Tactics -:
1] Define test / script for all functions and tools
2] Document script for all functions and tools
3] Execution script

Testing types -:
1] Functional
2] Usability
3] UI
4] Compatibility
5] Performance
6] Security
7] Interruption

Key Challenges -:
1] Platforms
2] Devices
3] Form Factors (mobile app may act differently on different devices like smart phone and tablet)
4] Integration

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