Mobile Application Testing Checklist

In the competitive era of marketing mobile application has grown exponentially from last few years. Moreover, the rapidly changing mobile applications, devices, OS, frequently and quick up gradation and highly customer expectation, organizations and businesses prefer checklist to test major mobile app component.

Following are the top 11 considered checklist
1] Installation / Un-installation / Re-installation -:
Tester verifies the process of installation, un-installation and re-installation to run smoothly on various configured devices

2] Device integration with keypad and screen size -:
Check how applications and other features integrate on different device having their screen size, UI and configuration

3] Network -:
Analyze network type, connectivity and quality

4] Performance -:
Examine the speed and responsive of application and other devices against user request in specific time duration

5] Interrupt -:
Tester should examine how incoming / outgoing, resume application from same point and pop up notification.

6] Memory -:
Verifies that, whether device displays proper message (error) when device memory is low and exit gracefully from the same point

7] Security -:
Check integrity of application and devices against unauthorized user

8] UI -:
UI should be user friendly, easy to access and responsive

9] Functional / Non Functional / Operational -:
Verify and validate all user specified functionality and operations

10] Compatible -:
Tester should check compatibility of application

11] Sound / Microphone -:
Check sound / microphone quality, lost and transition.

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