Mc Call’s Quality Factors

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Mc Call’s and his colleagues proposed a useful categorization of factors that affects on quality of product and product standard.
This software quality factor focus on three important aspects of software product
1] Its operational characteristics
2] Its ability to undergo changes
3] Its adaptability to new environment
Mc Call’s provide following description for quality
1. Correctness-: The extent to which software satisfy its specifications and fulfills the user objectives or requirements.
2. Effectiveness-: The extent to which the software performs its intended functions with minimum consumption of resources
3. Expandability-: The ease with which the software can be modified to add functionality
4. Integrity-: The extent to which the software prevent unauthorized access to or modifications in the software or data
5. Interoperability-: The ability of two or more systems to exchange information and to mutually use the information that has been exchanged
6. Maintainability-: Software component can be maintained over their expected useful life
7. Portability-: Software can be transferred to new operating environment, OS and hardware platform
8. Reusability-: The modules can be used in multiple applications
9. Reliability-: The ability of software performs a required function under stated condition for period of time
10. Testability-: Perform its intended functions
11. Usability-: Easy to learn and operate

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