Manual Testing Interview Questions

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Manual software testing interview questions for freshers

1. Steps of software testing life cycle?
2. Objectives of software testing?
3. What are the levels of software testing?
4. What is mean by unit testing, integration, system and acceptance testing?
5. What is mean by alpha and beta testing?
6. Difference between static and dynamic testing?
7. Difference between manual and automation testing?
8. What are the Types of testing?
9. What is mean by usability, regression and performance testing?
10. What is mean by review?
11. What are the types and classes of reviews?
12. Why Cyclometric testing is used?
13. What is mean by black box and white box testing?
14. Techniques of black box testing?
15. Techniques of white box testing?
16. What is mean by low level and high level testing?
17. What is the use of equivalence partitioning and BVA?
18. What is mean by path, statement and branch and decision statement?
19. What is the use of test cases?
20. What is the use of test plan and what are the contents
21. What is mean by checklist?
22. Difference between black box and white box testing?
23. What are the objectives of automation testing?
24. Who are the participants of meeting/reviews/inspection process?
25. What is mean by tester’s workbench?
26. What is mean by load testing and performance testing?
27. What are the Quality factors for quality software
28. What are the CMM level
29. What is six sigma, how it is useful
30. Process improvement and quality metrics
31. What is SQA. Explain Activities of SQA
32. What is Reliability. What are the measures and models of reliability
33. V and V model
34. Software inspection
35. Static analyzer
36. What is Clean room software engineering
37. What is mean by FTR (Formal Technical Review)

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