What is Line Manager and Staff Manager

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Line and staff manager is two separate hierarchies, which has their own chain of command to direct, control, monitor, responsibilities, guideline etc. Management works with lot of various terminology and following are the definition and concept of line and staff manager. Below points also focus on difference between line and staff manage

What is Line Manager:-

Line manager is a person who deals with direct managerial responsibility for a particular employee. Line manager manages employees and operations of a business while reporting to the higher authority. Line manager is an in charge of essential activities like operations and authorized to issue orders to subordinates down the chain of command.

It has direct control over the staff employee

Line manger involves day to day operations of the organization

It works towards organizational goal.

It works superior in the management chain; the person who take care of you and responsibility.

It is a term often used interchangeably with “direct manger”.

It plays important role in the overall organizational performance.

Line managers are critical mechanism in ensuring that new programs and strategies are implemented in timely effective manner after identifying problems.

What is Staff Manager:-

Staff manager is an in charge person who consumes revenue, advice and guide to the line manager. Staff manger doesn’t make decision but he helps to take decision.

It doesn’t have direct control over the line employee

It involves assisting line personal and aid top management in various business activities

It works toward guide and support line manager

It take care of line management and top management

It works for advice, guideline and knowledge to the individual of chain of command

It plays important role in the solving technical problems, guidance and decision

Staff managers are not part of the chain of command related to direct production of products or services, they do have authority over personnel

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