What are the Levels of Software Testing

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Before release an application or website, it undergoes testing process to ensure that developed system is working as per expectation. This software testing process is divided in to various level of testing during the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Levels of Software Testing:- 

In SDLC, levels of testing are basically used to identify missing areas and prevent overlap and repetition between the development life cycle phases. Each phase goes through the various levels of software testing and ensure the user specified requirement and verify whether system perform all intended functions or not. This various levels of testing are as-:

1] Unit Testing

2] Integration Testing

2.1] Top-down integration

2.2] Bottom-up Integration approach

2.3] Big bang approach

2.4] Sandwich testing approach

3] System Testing

3.1] Functional Testing

3.2] Non Functional Testing

4] Acceptance Testing

4.1] Alpha Testing

4.2] Beta Testing

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